Baby Link is a leading company operating in the field of medical and paramedical services in Israel since 2006.

In the last few years the company has expanded its activity and changed its focus from medical services in the field of pregnancy and labor to genetic testing, remote monitoring center and novel diagnostic test for cancer All new activities are operating under the umbrella of MedicaLink

The company was established by a group of senior healthcare and management professionals with an accumulated experience of decades in the medical field.

Our experience, knowledge and deep understanding of the field, both in terms of medical and management aspects, are expressed in each of our operations and are applied in practice in all our fields of activities.

The company meets the strictest standards of Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Medical Information Security (ISO 27799).

Board of Directors

The company was founded by a group of health care professionals and investors including:

Boaz Kaplan – founder and managing director. Served in various managerial positions in the medical arena, including Elscint (CT, MRI, NM, ULS) and in various start-up companies in the medical field

Prof. Moshe Many (of blessed memory) – formerly Vice Chairman of Macabi – the second largest HMO  in Israel, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teva Pharmaceuticals and also the former president of Tel Aviv university

Dov Shafir – formerly board member and major shareholder of Teva Pharmaceuticals, board member in few more medical companies and start up incubators

Our Products and Services

The company consists of 4 areas of activity:

Remote Fetal Monitoring Center

Baby Link operates a Remote Fetal Monitoring Interpretation Center for one of the major HMOs in Israel. The Remote Fetal Monitoring Center is manned by Board Certified Obstetricians who interpret monitors that are transmitted by nurses from over 200 Clinics.

Our assisting operational personnel supervise all activities and also serve as a communication link between the nurse who transmits the monitor and the doctor in the center in cases where there is a need for consultation or clarification.

for more information : Remote Monitoring.

Genetic testing for pregnant women

Baby Link markets the QNatal Advanced (NIPT) screening test in Israel of Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services

QNatal Advanced is a noninvasive pre-natal test that provides a high degree of accuracy for screening chromosomal abnormalities, without the risk of miscarriage associated with an invasive procedure.

The genetics team includes gynecologists and genetic counselors who accompany the work processes meticulously and professionally in compliance with all relevant standards.

Accessories and services for pregnant women

Baby Link is the exclusive representative of the Easy-Tens product for the relief of labor pains in Israel, and also markets the Baby Link Ultrasound Doppler device designed for hearing heart rate of fetus at home. In addition, the company provides personal professional services to the mother and baby during and after pregnancy, including a preparation for childbirth course, dulah, sleep counselors, breastfeeding counselors and more, all at the highest qualified level.

Project Management for medical institutions and organizations

This department is responsible for initiating, establishing, accompanying and managing projects for medical organizations.The department specializes in building and implementing a service and marketing strategy for hospitals and HMO in the field of pregnancy and childbirth, and in some cases even operates special units within these organizations (outsourcing).

The major projects executed by this department within the pregnancy arena, include:

  • Baby Link established and operates a unique Remote Fetal Monitoring Interpretation Center, for Meuhedet, the first Israeli HMO to use remote interpretation of digitally transmitted fetal monitors by a team of experienced gynecologists. Over 200 clinics of Meuhedet transmit fetal monitors to Baby Link's call center in order to allow quick and professional service for their patients.
  • Baby Link has been in charge of marketing and service activities of the OB/Gyn departments of two major Medical Centers in Israel ("Meir" in Kfar Saba and "Ha-Emek" in Afula) owned by Clalit (the largest HMO in Israel serving about 4M people).  We also provide various unique services to the women who give birth at these hospitals.
  • The company served as an integrator in a large-scale project of one of the HMOs, which included various unique services to all HMO's pregnant patients. In this project we led the work of defining various services for the audience of new mothers such as accompanying women during pregnancy by experienced well trained nurses, post-partum home visits by nurses, visits to new mothers during their stay at the hospital, and characterization of various patients' benefits programs.
  • Baby Link assisted one of the major HMOs in Israel  in characterization of Maternal Child Call Center manned by trained nurses and are helping them set up a program that offers pregnant women personal care and guidance by a specially trained nurse.
  • Medical insurance policies–for the past 7 years, provider of services to medical insurance companies' clientele.