Your pregnancy is a joyous event. However, it's natural to have concerns. By providing timely information about your fetus' chromosomal makeup, prenatal testing can help you make decisions with your healthcare provider about your health and the health of your baby.

What is QNatal Advanced?

The QNatal Advanced prenatal screen is a noninvasive test that provides a high degree of accuracy for screening chromosomal abnormalities, without the risk of miscarriage associated with an invasive procedure. Since your fetus' genetic information is present in your blood, the test can be performed with a simple blood draw as early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy. Results are reported simply as a positive or negative for certain abnormalities.

What are chromosomes and chromosomal abnormalities?

Chromosomes are structures inside cells. They contain genes passed down from a person's father and mother. These genes tell the body how to grow and develop. They also determine sex. Females typically have two X chromosomes. Males have one X and one Y chromosome. Most people have 23 pairsof chromosomes. Some people are born with an extra or missing chromosome. They have a chromosomal abnormality. Having an extra chromosome (called a trisomy} can cause a birth defect. Having an extra or missing X chromosome can also cause a birth defect. Some chromosomal abnormalities are passed down from the parents. Some result from an error when the chromosomal pairs are split up. Certain factors can increase the chance of a chromosomal abnormality in your fetus, for example, if you are 35 or older.

Which disorders can be detected by QNatal Advanced?

Trisomy 21 Down syndrome
Trisomy 18 Edwards syndrome
Trisomy 13 Patau syndrome

Fetal sex chromosomes
Fetal sex Opt-out option
45,X Turner syndrome
47,XXY Klinefelter syndrome
47,XXX Triple X syndrome
47,XYY XYY syndrome

Microdeletions (Opt-out option)
22q DiGeorge syndrome
5p Cri-du-chat syndrome
1p36 1p36deletion syndrome
15q Angelman syndrome
15q Prader-Willi syndrome
11q Jacobsen syndrome
8q Langer-Giedion syndrome
4p Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome

Unparalleled sensitivity and specificity

QNatal Advanced showed high sensitivity and specificity in a study of 2,752 pregnant women 1.2

Trisomy Screen Sensitivity Specificity

1. Quest Diagnostics. Data on file. 2. Strom CM, et al. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0167130.

Is QNatal Advanced for me?

QNatal Advanced is appropriate for all pregnancies

• Singleton pregnancies
• Multiple pregnancies (i.e. twins or triplets)
• Test cannot tell which fetus is affected
• Egg donor pregnancies

QNatal Advanced brings validated technology and delivers accurate results 1.2

• Unparalleled sensitivity and specificity
• 99.9% for all trisomies tested
• Clear, direct Positive/Negative results
• QNatalAdvanced’s validated technology and advanced bioinformatics generates low no-call rates (0.88%), so you can count on test accuracy and avoid retesting or unnecessary invasive procedures

Quality you can trust from Quest Diagnostics, a leader in genetic testing.

Quest Diagnostics helps moms plan for the future. They do it by delivering timely, accurate test information. Since the 1970s, Quest has been providing state-of-the-art genetic tests. Doctors and patients look to Quest today for a wide range of testing options, spanning more than 700 genetic tests.

Why choose QNatal Advanced: a good choice for many reasons.

Featuring the latest technology, the QNatal Advanced screen is a low-risk way to learn more about the health of your fetus and if there is a greater risk of certain birth defects.

Safe – A noninvasive screening test based on a maternal blood draw
Accurate – Reports on a full range of identified chromosomal abnormalities
Timely – Can be performed as early as week 10 of your pregnancy
Convenient – Baby Link can draw blood at many obstetric medical clinics or in your home by a nurse at no additional cost
Professional guidance –Baby Link genetic counselors are available to answer questions before the test and to explain results later
Trusted – Developed and performed by Quest Diagnostics, a leader in genetic testing

How can I get QNatal Advanced test?

• Contact Baby Link to order the test and make an appointment
• Receive a personal phone call from a Baby Link genetic counselor who will explain the test and answer any questions
• Have a simple blood draw conveniently taken at an obstetric medical clinic or at home by a nurse
• Receive the test results within 9–12 working days
• Genetic counselors are on call to discuss results and recommend next steps

Baby Link markets the QNatal Advanced screening test in Israel.

Baby Link provides you with professional services that help you and your baby during pregnancy, birth and after birth. Each service and product has been carefully chosen and is provided to you in the comfort of your home.

• Personal preparation for childbirth course
Fetal Doppler to listen to fetal heart beats 
TENS Device to help minimize labor pains
• Doula
• Breast feeding consultant
• Sleep consultant

Baby Link offers its services to private clients, and through insurance companies, hospitals and HMOs.

This page offers partial information about QNatal Advanced. For more information including specific data and sensitivity about any findings, contact your doctor or call Baby Link. The test requires you to sign informed consent.